Friday, May 04, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

Originally I had planned on do a different door completely! I was going to copy a door I found on a website had posted on Facebook. I even got Home Depot to donate the things I needed. Last week I thought I should do a Hawaiian theme since this teacher went to school there and met his wife at BYU Hawaii and he will use "Mahalo" (thank you in Hawaiian) in class. I put it off, I had everything. Well, this morning I decided to change it to the Hawaiian theme. I had it all worked out in my head. I knew what I wanted. It didn't turn out the way I wanted exactly but I think it worked well. Mahalo Nui Loa, Thank you very much. I told LeMira, the parent council president that I was not very creative. She bawks at that idea now. I may have gotten myself in trouble. LeMira, made the pail and shovel and the banner. Journey made the sand castle. Lots of encouragement and it was done and hung. Not bad for a "last minute" idea.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dino land

I ahve become addicted to Pinterest and found this She gives a great tutorial!

I thought it would be PERFECT for Bryan who had gotten a great T-Rex for his birthday a few weeks ago. So I decided to tackle it. I really didn't know if I could pull it off. WALLA!!! It worked fabulously, if I do say so myself. I used a reddish brown primer so mine is more of a red than hers but I like it!!

I have discovered that the "great stuff" insulation foam stuff is incredible! Fun to work with but also infuriating at the same time. Yes, that CAN happen. It puffs up when you walk away and when you come back your case won't close. So, I had to do a lot of trimming. I made TWO of these. One is for a white elephant gift. The party I am going to isn't the "normal" gag gifts so I thought I would go with the envy gift this year. Or so I think. Haha. Everyone has kids or grandkids, right?






AtSecondStreet she has some great stuff. You should check out her blog. I can't come up with this stuff but I sure do enjoy running with someone eles' idea. :)
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodbye Nala (graphic warning)

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The past 22hrs have been excruciating. 22hrs ago we were sitting down to a late dinner after helping buck hay. Ramen Noodles, the dinner of champions, ya know. We heard this HORRIBLE noise. None of us had a clue what it was. Someone said "It sounds like someone is dieing. Little did we know it was OUR dog! Scott went out to investigate. He was gone for a few minutes and when he came in, he had this look. I said "Do I need to come?". "yes" was the answer I popped up and threw shoes on. When I went outside I saw a car in the middle of the road with a dog BEHIND it. My thought was it was Danny and Nala was sitting there worried. When I went up the boy (17) driving said "she ran out in front of us". It took a minute to realize he was refering to my dog. She was on the ground mangled. Her back legs were a twisted mess. Not much blood but you could hear her troubled breathing. I thought the problem was just her legs. Later I found out differently.

The poor lady with her son got out to help Nala and Nala traumatized reacted with adrenaline and bit her badly. The lady was part of the noise we heard, the other part was Nala being burned by the exhaust system UNDER the car. Michael and Lisa (my dear neighbors and brother in law and sister in law) took Debbie in and treated her wounds. She was going into shock, both for the wounds and what she had witnessed.

This morning I found out what had happened. She darted out in front of them. She can run super fast in a playful mood. I'm thinking she and Danny (M&Ls Dog) had been playing in the yards and she caught eye of something on the other side of the road and took off after it and didn't stop for the car. They couldn't stop in time and she went all the way under the car and the stopped when she was under the exhaust system. She was howling in pain and from the heat. Once they moved she stopped howling. THat is when Debbie when in to help. PSA: NEVER APPROACH AN INJURED ANIMAL.

Debbie spent several hours in the ER last night while we were at the Animal Urgent Care in Orem. I think we got there by 9, 45min after the accident. They did X-rays and found she hips and back were NOT broken but dislocated. I began to have hope until they showed us the x-ray of her chest. It was full of blood!!! The doctor said "That is NOT life threatening (referring to the hip) BUT, this IS". My heart sank. At that point I had no clue she had gone under the low riding BMW. I still thought she has been hit by the front bumper. I had no clue. She had no rectal temp and she was not responding to pain so my fear had been her back was broken.

I should have known it was worse because her breathing was SO labored. I thought it was from shock though. It got worse and her breathing stopped and the gave her cpr (how do you give a dog cpr??) but they could not get her back. Her body had had enough. The doctor said the 3 pain meds they administered weren't working enough and they could not get her settled. Scott was over at Sonic getting us drinks when they came out and told me. I was alone and needed Scott! I walked over and told Scott.

The prognosis was bad either way. If she lived it was possible that there was so much damage done to her spinal cord that she may not walk again, then we probably would have put her down. She is a dog who loves to run, CLIMB and jump, she would NOT be happy as a couch dog. Instead her lungs filled with blood and her internal injuries were too extensive and it prevented us from even being able to make that choice.

I know my kids were at home praying she would be okay. They had no idea what the damage was. I told them it was her legs and to me that was fixable. i feel horrible for them thinking their prayers were not answered. We have talked extensively about asking that "HIS will be done". Wise Lindsey did make the distinction today that "it was better for her to pass" knowing her injuries better today.

It has been a long day today. I know Nala does NOT have rabies but since I have a in family vet I have gotten free shots for years!!! Unfortunately I don't have records. I can't prove she is current. Since she died they wanted to test her. They test ALL deceased canines involved in bite cases. The clincher there is they have to test the brain and they don't take the whole body and give it back. They remove the head and get rid of the body. The body just takes up space. So at lunchtime today I found out they needed Nala's HEAD. We brought her home to bury her today. So a nice Deputy came and took her away and brought her back in a bag without a head!!!!! This kills me!!! My baby without a head. I didn't look in the bag so for all I know she isn't in there and I buried some one else's animal. Her new home is under a tree in the pasture.

I haven't cried for long. I cry A LOt but only in short spurts. I haven't had much time alone. Writing this is the longest I have been alone for minus sleep (what I got of that). I have been mad, mostly at the insurance people. I hate that I have to handle them. I have issue with the SF agent that called and didn't even say "I'm sorry for your loss". She was short with me and when I said "I DID lose my dog when your clients hit my dog" she as "oh I know". UGH! So my insurance is paying for her ER visit and any follow up because she was dumb enough to reach down and try to help her. See...I'm angry. I would have done the same thing though. I hate that the car was a BMW and rode low and that my dog RAN out in front of a car at night. I'm mad at the dumb situation! Why could she have NOT been inside like she normally is at that time of night? UGH!

I want everything the way it was 24hrs ago please. I want my Nala back!!! I want the grave in my back yard to be gone and I want to step on my dog's nose in the morning like I do every morning. I want to not feel the hole I have in my heart. I want it to be filled again. I know it will get better and I am praying hard for comfort. It seems to be fleeting though.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What is wrong with her?

So, I noticed this one and the other buff orpington that is similar in size is like this. Is she molting or is it mites? So bizarre. I noticed the bald spots when I was dusting with DE the other day. My daughter took pictures while I held her. So strange!




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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

He or she?

I am posting this mostly to draw my chicken friends to. I want to see if anyone has an educated guess on if this is a Roo or a Hen. It is about 7wks old. A heritage bird. Mom is a black sexlink but not sure what dad was. That is all the info I have.







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Editted to add two more pictures. Inky is with the smaller chicks in the other pictures. Here are two with him and two different easter eggers. The feet are the same size as the one in the door of the brooder. They are approximately a week apart maybe a week and half. I don't know for sure. I guess it could even be two weeks. ???


and yes that silly chick pooped on my dogs pillow. The cat sprayed it already, so I guess it is covered now. :(

I love spring!


Out my side door facing west! This was this morning about 7:20AM. I am surrounded by beauty! I am thankful for the beauty of this earth! We are so blessed by a Loving Heavenly Father to see green and trees, flowers etc. of course they are not without the snow and rain. This may be a telestial world but it is beautiful to me, what a gift!!!
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Monday, April 18, 2011


Lately, I have been feeling down on myself. I've gained 10lbs since moving but I LOVE junk food so I haven't been really motivated to do anything.

After talking to a friend I decided to start running again. I asked Scott for new shoes for my birthday so I could get started with some new shoes, not run down ole things that I have had for a few years. I went into Runners Corner in Orem and they told me about some "new" shoes. When he said there are fewer injuries and easier on the knees, shins and ankles I REALLY wanted to like them. He called them ZERO DROP He had me wear a normal Asics like my old one and one of the Alta Instint. I immediately noticed the difference. I was SOLD!

After my first jump on the treadmill I had NO pain! In the past the first set of intervals had KILLED! This time, none! No knee pain, no shin pain, nothing! I wasn't even sore the next day! GASP! What was I doing wrong? No pain no gain, right? WRONG! Today, I turned 37 and ran my first mile in years. No intervals but actually moving without stopping to walk. WOHOOOO!

Two milestones, turned THIRTY SEVEN and ran a mile! WOHOOO!

Here are my clown shoes, Altra Intuition (stock photos)

I LOVE my shoes!!! :) NOW, if I could quit eating junk.

BTW, I started this post ON my birthday, but didn't finish it. Sorry that the pictures are so big. Some reason they aren't being resized.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crayon box?

*************Sorry the pictures are not being resized. I'm not sure how to fix that. Just click on the pictures and it will take you to a "normal" size.***************




Nah, couldn't be.....


Absolutley is.

Liberty has found the crayon drawer. She loves to move them from one place to another. So fun to watch. Yes, I know I need to move them. The worst she has done is throw them away. These pictures are a few months old. I got a kick out of her thought process.

Monster Egg

One of my chickens layed this monstrosity! Bigger than an AA battery and had two yolks. I can say it made a wonderful spinach, tomato and cheese omelet!


Sorry, the pictures were lost. The egg was about 1/2 nch taller than a AA battery. I loaded the pcitures into picasa while there was a virus. I hit "Blog this" and it didn't post. Scott had picked up a virus and couldn't get rid of it. I lost the pictures when I left the picasa window open when I went back to an earlier date on the computer (forgot what it is called). So I lost about 40 pictures. Sigh!!!